Monday, 14 September 2015

Description of Alankars

In this post we will discuss the description of all the Alankars:

1. Meend: Meend is nothing but a smooth glide in a bend manner or in a curve. The touch of the notes lying between the two notes is taken with the meend. Meend can be categorized into 2 parts: Basic Meend and Meend with rest on intermediate notes.

2. Khatka: Khatka is the little jerk or little break that you take.

3. Zamzama: Zamzama is a cluster of Khatkas taken together. Found more in Marathi and Punjabi songs.

4. Murki: Set of notes taken quickly together.

5. Andolan: Andolan is the slow oscillation of notes. It is use to give seriousness to the Raag.

6. Gamak: Gamak is shadowing of notes or giving weight to the notes to give an effect. Karnatic music use 'Kampit Gamak' which is weightage given to the notes with a shake.  

7. Kan or Sparsh Swar: The swars applied in Raag are never static. Each swar has a link with its preceding or succeeding note. These grace notes are called Kan Swars. kan means a small portion of a neighboring note used with the main note. It can be higher or lower than the main note. Sparsh swar is nothing but the movement of notes in ascending.

8. Krintan: The movement of notes in Krintan is descending.

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