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Write us at or contact us on +919999055655 to book your slot for Indian Vocal Classes.

What all you need to do to get enrolled in our program is:

Step1: Select the appropriate program that suits your level. For e.g. Beginner, Intermediate or Advance. We have programs even for kids.

Step2: Send us a voice sample with your age so that we can select an appropriate slot or batch for you.

You need to mail this information on the above mentioned email address. Please feel free to contact us for any further clarification.

Highlights of the Program-

 Beginner Level: Knowledge of Alankars, Thaat system, Elementary Ragas, Chota Khayal, Aalaps, Taans, Swar Vistar and basic Taals.

Intermediate Level: Expanding khayals to Vilambit, Drut compositions, Introduction to more complex taals, Dwigun/ Teengun/ Chougun.

Advance Level: Knowledge and usage of more complex Raagas, Taans, Bol Taans, Vistaar Etc.

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