Monday, 13 July 2015

What is Taal or Tal or Tali?

Taal is the Indian Pattern of Rhythm in which certain beats called 'Bol' get repeated in every cycle. Each cycle has a fixed number of beats. For example Ek Taal has 12 beats, Teen Taal has 16 beats, Keherwa has 8 beats. Taal actually means clap in the performance. It is  an important component of Indian Classical music. Usually Tabla is used to play the taal in different tempos or speed.

Taal can be Fast (Dhrut Laya), Medium (Madhya Laya) or Slow (Vilambit Laya) depending on the composition. Laya can also be Ati Dhrut, Ati-Ati Dhrut, Ati Vilambit, Ati-Ati Vilambit. We will learn more about it in our future posts. Now lets learn the basic concepts of Taal.

Basic concepts of Taal:

  1. Tali or Bhari
  2. Khali
  3. Vibhag or Ang
  4. Matra
  5. Bol
  6. Theka
  7. Lay
  8. Sam
  9. Avartan
These concepts are discussed in detail here-